Kissinger Sommer Festival

Saturday @ 15:00

Bad Kissingen, Germany

Beethoven – Piano Sonatas
Beethoven sonatas op.53 and op.101, part of Beethoven cycle

Gig Details

25 - 30 Euros

Venue Details

Rossini-Saal Ludwigstraße 2
97688 Bad Kissingen
0971 8048 444
0971 8048 444


Kiveli Dörken piano
Julian Trevelyan piano

Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano sonata No. 4 E flat major op. 7
Piano sonata No. 14 C sharp minor op. 27/2 („Moonlight Sonata“)
Piano sonata No. 28 A major op. 101
Piano sonata No. 21 C major op. 53 („Waldstein“)

Ludwig van Beethoven’s sonatas are regarded as the “new testament” of piano literature. This includes both his more recognizable works as well as later, more philosophical compositions. The great pianists of our time still perform them, some fail trying to do so. The pianists of our Bad Kissingen Piano Olympics will perform 32 of the most important of these works over the course of five concerts.

2 PM in the Rossini-Saal: Concert introduction of the complete Beethoven sonata cycle