Mozart Piano Sonata Festival 2022

Sunday @ 20:00

Perivale, London, UK

8.20 pm | Julian Trevelyan | Sonata in C minor K457

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Venue Details

Perivale Lane
Perivale, London UB6 8SS
020 8997 7691
020 8997 7691

Admission free. No tickets issued beforehand. This unique festival will be streamed LIVE.
Watch on the website or Vimeo or Youtube

The whole festival will be available to enjoy for 3 weeks afterwards.
We will pay all the pianists, so please donate via our website to cover their fees
Thank you in advance.

This sonata was written in 1784, the only sonata in the minor key, together with the A minor K310. The work is one of Mozart’s darkest and gloomiest creations, full of anguish, drama and grief. The piano writing is of high calibre, calling for virtuoso powers, and already foreshadows the piano works of Beethoven. A bold subject in parallel octaves in the minor key sets the tone and atmosphere. No smiling and flowing Italianate melodies here, but tight, grim structures, moving on in inexorable pace. The second subject is in E flat major, which is transformed into C minor in the recapitulation, the minor version having a totally new strength and tension. The development rages towards a climax, and the recapitulation brings no relief, the coda ending into a dark abyss of C minor. The slow movement is a richly embellished cantilena, wandering off in distant keys. It gives the player the opportunity to give his own imagination free reign, a practice which is customary in the piano concertos. The last movement presents a syncopated first subject of restless and breathless character, followed by a violent outcry of repeated octaves and leaps, which mercilessly recurs several times. The tight and concise character of the music makes it all the more dramatic and effective. The code introduces still a new element which brings this extraordinary sonata to a violent close.